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Marriage Equality California
Chapter Leaders Baltimore Gonzalez & Robert Flanagan
Ph# (559) 227-4624

Fresno State USP -(United Student Pride)
5280 N. Jackson--USU M/S 306
Fresno, CA 93710
Ph# (559) 278-4435

GSA Network - (Gay-Straight Alliance Network)
985 N. Van Ness, Fresno, CA 93728
Ph# 442-4777

EMPOWER News Magazine
Ph# 23-PRIDE
(Thanks to EMPOWER for most of the Organizations)


C.O.L.A.G.E - We are a social and support group for kids with
lesbian and gay parents. We also provide supportto the growing
number of Gay and Lesbian couples or single parents.


Central California Pride Network - Ph# 486-2216. Crisis Line, 907-4473
930 N. Van Ness Ave., Fresno, CA 93728

Golden State Bears - a Bear club in the Fresno area
as a means to meet Bears, Cubs and friends of Bears in a
secure and friendly environment. The club also has fund-raising activites
for non-profit organizations

Imperial Dove Court- Transgender Community
Phone: 486-3464
PFLAG -Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Post Office Box 27382
Fresno, CA 93729-7382
Help line: 434-6540


Community Link, Inc.
P.O. Box 4959
Fresno, Ca. 93744

Destination OUT- L.G.B.T.Q youth drop in center
Sequoia Career Womans Network (SeCwn) - Ph# 442-4990

Rainbow Singers - Ph# 275-9038
Gray Alliance - Ph# 237-9439 or 227-2441

News Link - Community Link - Ph# 266-LINK
Knights Of Malta - Gay Levi/leather social Club Youth Alliance- Teenager Support Group
Phone: 266-5465
Fresno Rainbow Pride – Fresno’s GLBTQ Pride Parade & Festival
P.O. Box 4959
Fresno, Ca. 93744

The Gray Alliance
P.O. Box 4959
Fresno, Ca. 93744
Fresno G.L.B.T.Q Youth Alliance & Queer Volley Ball
P.O. Box 4959
Fresno, Ca. 93744
News Link & Pink Pages
P.O. Box 4959
Fresno, Ca. 93744
Planned Parenthood 488-4900
- Family First 446-1515
Valley Public Radio (89.3 FM Fresno) (89.1 Bakersfield)
For complimentary program guide 800-275-0764 Ext. 15
Send us your Name, Group name and contact information
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